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This is my response to Kelly's latest JU Writers challenge... Link


Oh, Odin’s goddess, proud lover of the sea,

Take you up an axe so you might set me free

To roam with you across living seagrass plains

Where tides will no more wash over my wooden remains

Oh, Neptune’s daugher, a small favour is all I seek

Take me to your depths before I am made too weak

I long to hold you close, as close as you can bear

The tree inside has died but will live again under your care


Oh, you seasoaked figurehead, yours is a useless plight

Tis not for you to decide your love for me is right

I only came to pass you by upon you once more

To see if the stubborn rocks had released you from the shore

Oh, you silly figurehead, you could never be with me

Have you ever heard of a piece of wood living under the sea

Nor for that matter, a river, stream or moat

Don’t you know the simplest thing, that all dead wood floats?

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on Jan 13, 2007
Is nice, I like.

I've gotta to more of this creative writing challenge stuff like my drabbles I did a while ago. Is fun.
on Jan 13, 2007

Sure is fun... This is what I like about challenges like these; I don't plan ahead, I just simply write and let Muse take care of the rest. I enjoyed your drabbles very much and would like to see more. Carn, avagoyamug... LOL

I'm a bit peeved though cause I can't edit my post and I have a final stanza. That'll teach me for posting too early...

Glad you like
on Jan 13, 2007
Wow, okay, I edited it but wasn't quite expecting it to come out like it did. I won't touch it anymore, I promise...
on Jan 13, 2007
Cool!  I really liked that.
on Jan 13, 2007
Brilliant Maso! I think the picture along with this would be publishable in my opinion. Simply brilliant! I am awestruck...
on Jan 13, 2007
This was really good. I love this picture but when I saw it I thought about the mermaid, not the figurehead. That was really great.

Now set it to some music and we will do the mermaid dance!
on Jan 13, 2007

That is fabulous Maso.  I am really impressed!  I can't write poetry and am in awe of those who can, and do it well.


You ARE a poet.  I think that's your genre.

on Jan 13, 2007
Arrggh, screwy JoeUser...

I wrote a lovely response to everyone and then JU decided to glitch and I lost the lot. Suffice to say it was thanking you all for your very kind words. I do like writing poetry and have written more than my fair share over the years. As a poet, I think I'm a pretty good lyricist. I don't think I could ever really call myself a poet, though.

Kelly, I will give your suggestion of putting music to this some thought and get back to you.

Thanks to you all again.
on Jan 13, 2007
I don't think I could ever really call myself a poet, though.

I could and do!
on Jan 13, 2007
I could and do!

As always, your support is much appreciated, mate.
on Jan 14, 2007
Hey Maso just wanted to tell ya I checked out your band.

You guys rock. They lyrics are tight.

I am not a rap fan, but your sound isn't really rap is it? The "Everything happens for a reason" song, sounds like the Talking Heads meet Vanilla Ice. (Um, that's the only rapper I ever really listened to before...heh).

I have to say I really LOVED the woman's voice. Who is she? You guys should write her some sort of ballad or something to sing along the Jewel kinda lines....she is REALLY good. I could listen to her voice all day.

Anyway, I think you guys are great. Are you popular there?
on Jan 14, 2007

Thanks very much for having a listen and I'm glad you liked what you heard.

The female singer is a friend called Adele. We had plans to write her a bunch of songs but unfortunately, she has moved interstate to be with her boyfriend. Adele is so talented. Not only did she sing but she played the flute, guitar and keyboards as well. She is going to be hard to replace and we're really going to miss her.

The band is not popular yet. But I have a feeling this year is going to be ours. I'm writing some of the best music I've ever written and we've just added twin girls to the band to play bass guitar and drums. It is all looking good for world domination.

If you would like a copy of our CD, let me know and I'll send it to you. Thanks for the support.


on Jan 14, 2007
If you would like a copy of our CD, let me know and I'll send it to you

OF course I'd be happy to buy a copy Mason. Email with the details.
on Jan 14, 2007
Oh, you have to autograph it!
on Jan 14, 2007
Very good, Maso

You have inspired me to try the challenge. Yes, I'm going to get off my lazy ass.

And maybe even today.